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Sizing Your Magic Mane Unicorn Hair Extensions

Sizing Your Magic Mane Unicorn Hair Extensions

Sizing is Super Easy

When you remove your Magic Mane from its package, and remove the gold twist tie, you will notice that the stretchy cord is at a very large size. Let’s size it to your girl’s head.

Place the stretchy on her head where she would normally wear a headband. The hair should fall around the crown of her head so that about 1/3 of her hair is above the extension line. Mark the correct size on the cord with a marker.

Use a pliers to gently open the metal bead on either side of your Magic Mane. With the bead open, you can pull the cord to the mark you made and then gently clamp the metal bead closed.

When you are satisfied with the size, and your girl is comfortable wearing the hair around her crown, you can clip the excess cord short. Easy-peasy!