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Magic Manes is a family owned and operated company based in sunny, wonderful, magical San Diego, California. Our family spends our leisure time dreaming of new and innovative hair accessories for kids and teens. We are inspired by rainbows, donuts, unicorns, magic, ice cream cones and cupcakes! We also watch Netflix, play Fortnite, have hilarious family game nights, do cookie art and take midnight swims.

Hi, I'm the Lead Unicorn Here

My name is Brina and I am the neighborhood hair-pushing lead unicorn at Magic Manes. I may have a glorious, multi-colored, technicolor dreamboat mane now but when I was just a young filly, I had the worst hair in elementary school - at least I thought so.

I was one of those little kids that complained every time my mother tried to brush my hair. Since I had an older sister with very long hair that had been clogging bathroom drains from before I was even born, my mother decided at age 3 that I would be sporting the Dorothy Hamill of the 1976 Olympics (look it up) hairstyle for the next 10 years or so. It's also lovingly referred to as "the bowl."

Lead Unicorn at Magic Manes as a ChildIn 3rd grade, while sitting on a school bench in a pink dress, a boy asked me if I was a boy or a girl and here I am at age *ahem* 29 still writing about it. So, to say I have a little bit of a minor issue when it comes to my hair would not be an overstatement.

As a fully fledged adult unicorn, I started to experiment with hair dye, perms, highlights, braids. Nothing I ever tried ever made me feel like I had dream hair until I tried on a halo hair extension a few years ago and finally cracked the hair code.

Halo hair was the perfect answer to thin, limp hair that breaks before it can ever reach more than mediocre length. Having that long mane of hair made me feel 6 inches taller and about 10-12 years younger.

I was hooked on hair extensions! So when my own little baby unicorn started taking an interest in hair styling, we knew exactly what we wanted to try out. Halo hair is great for kids because it's so comfy to wear with a stretch cord that can be sized to any head.

Soon we expanded our line into adorable extended ponytails, ballerina buns and single clip-in hair extensions that add just the right amount of pop to any hairstyle.

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