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      Magic Manes Models are the Cutest 😍

      Magic Manes Models are the Cutest 😍

      Magic Manes wouldn't be the fun, on-trend brand it is without the help of our adorable and talented models. Check out some of their best looks here.

      Lexia from New York


      Neptune straight unicorn hair extensions mermaid vibes halo with Lexia Hayden

      We absolutely 💕 the way Lexia styled her Neptune straight hair extensions. That sparkly sequin sweater is so cute!

      Sicily Rose from Florida

      Check out Sicily Rose on Instagram! We love the Jellybean Curly Hair Extension in purple and aqua with Sicily's blonde hair and yellow shirt.

      Willow B. from California

      Our littlest model Willow loooves her Jellybean Curly Magic Mane too. Her dark brown hair looks perfect next to the ombre purple to aqua goodness.

      The Magic Manes Girls, California

      Meet (from left to right) Mia, Emily, Grace, Abby, Maddie and Willow. All of the girls are in first grade but little Maddie who is in kindergarten. These girls love to have fun and wear their unicorn manes with pride! Magic Manes are shiny, silky and easy to wear. You simply pop them on like a headband and take them out just as easily.

      How about you?

      How would YOU like to model for Magic Manes? Just tag @MagicManesHair on Instagram to enter to win a free Magic Mane and get the chance to be our next mini-model!