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      Tutorials and Updates

      Festival unicorn hairstyle with Magic Braiding Hair

      Festival unicorn hairstyle with Magic Braiding Hair

      We were looking for an over-the-top hairstyle to go with this amazing collaboration with Steampunk Wolf Shop and a Micro Me. We came up with this! We start with 4 ponytails and attach a 1/4 of a bundle of braiding hair to each. The top ponytails are braiding into long braids and then pinned in buns. The bottom ponytails each have a 1/4 of the braiding hair added and then we used a small section to wrap the base of the ponytail, hiding the elastic. We then trim the ends bluntly and we’re done.

      Shop braiding hair here: https://magic-manes.com/

      Simple Rainbow Braids for Disneyland

      Easy Rainbow Braids for Disneyland Day

      We were looking for and easy hairstyle that would be comfortable to wear all day and not get super wild or messy. We went with these simple braids using one bundle of braiding hair in this gorgeous rainbow ombré. The trick to this hairstyle is using hair gel throughout the hair on both the top and through to the ends. This will keep the natural hair neat without getting frizzy or fuzzy later in the day.

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      Stock Updates

      Stock Updates

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