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      Magic Manes is a home-based, family-owned business operating from San Diego, California. Our family has been on a state-mandated "Shelter-in-Place" since March 19. With no exceptions, our family has been 100% socially distancing at home.

      Steps we are taking to keep our customers safe:

      • Orders are handled by one team member only
      • Gloves are worn at all times by order handler
      • Face covering is worn at all times by order handler
      • Packaged orders are picked up daily by masked/gloved USPS personnel


      • Stock received after January has been carefully handled
      • Stock on hand has been in our California warehouse for several weeks before being shipped to customers

      We will continue to stay informed on all best practices to ensure that the packages we ship are safe for your family to accept and use. Thank you for supporting small businesses!